COSMOS is a digital data collection platform that uses the power, flexibility and scalability of cloud technology to collect and visualize data from anywhere in the field. Built by global engineering firm Tetra Tech to enhance its data collection and operational decision-making in challenging environments, COSMOS allows users to collect, geolocate and visualize data in real-time – even when they’re offline.

Intelligent mobile data collection

Purpose-built mobile app designed to easily gather complex data in the most challenging environments

Leading-edge interactive dashboards

Cutting-Edge Interactive Dashboards: Fully interactive data visualization dashboards powered by Microsoft Power BI ® and Microsoft Cosmos DB®
Real-time data geotagging integrated with Google Maps ®

Best of breed location mapping

Real-time visualisation of geographical services integrated with Google Maps ®

Secure webportal

A dedicated webportal allows clients to build and update surveys and forms for mobile devices, manage users, store data, view dashboards and more


Every data point is automatically tagged with geographical identification metadata

Data Security

Data is protected throughout the collection and transfer process by advanced security technologies

Conditional Logic

Built-in conditional logic includes branching, skip, piping and looping


Real-time data point visualisation and mapping through an easy-to-use web portal

Cosmos app

A highly intuitive and user-friendly mobile app enables complex data to be quickly and easily collected on Android and iOS devices

Unlimited Users

Work across multiple teams and locations at no additional cost


Multi-language support enables surveys to be designed in any language


Capable of capturing data offline in remote areas with poor communications infrastructure

Integrated photographs

Photographs are automatically linked to the survey data

Follow-up features

Enables longitudinal data to be collected with the same people or facilities

Form Builder

Design and deploy surveys and data entry forms in minutes with easy drag and drop functionality

Integrate & Export

Integrate with other applications via API & Webhooks and export data in various industry standard formats


Cosmos and our professional services team – a powerful combination

You can use Cosmos as a stand-alone solution, or with an additional professional services support package.

Tetra Tech’s monitoring, evaluation and strategy experts can offer flexible, tailored advice for your project. This includes:

  • Survey and instrument design
  • Piloting and data management support
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Developing customized project dashboards



BEQUAL Project, Laos

BEQUAL Project, Laos Improving and building schools across Laos The Basic Education Quality and Access in Laos program is an Australian Aid project working towards improving children’s basic primary education, especially for the poor and marginalised, across 65 educationally disadvantaged districts. In November 2015, the BEQUAL project team deployed Cosmos, Tetra Tech’s mobile app for […]

GEMS4 Project, Nigeria

GEMS4 Project, Nigeria Increasing incomes and employment opportunities in Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector Growth and Employment in States 4 (“GEMS4”) is a £16.8m, five-and-a-half-year programme aimed at improving the livelihoods of the poor and women in Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector (WRS), funded by UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by Tetra […]

LFSP Project, Zimbabwe

LFSP Project, Zimbabwe Improving Livelihoods and Food Security Programme in rural Zimbabwe The Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) is a four-year programme which aims to increase agricultural productivity, increase incomes, improve food and nutrition security, and reduce poverty in rural Zimbabwe. The LFSP targets male and female smallholder farmers in eight diverse agro-ecological […]

CARD-F Project, Afghanistan

CARD-F Project, Afghanistan Monitoring the effectiveness of UK Assistance to the Afghan Agriculture Sector In 2016, Tetra Tech was appointed as the Independent Technical Reviewer by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for the Comprehensive Agricultural and Rural Development Facility (“CARD-F”) in Afghanistan. CARD-F delivered integrated Economic Development Packages (EDPs) at district levels in […]

Onewash Project, Ethiopia

Onewash Project, Ethiopia Our largest ever Cosmos roll-out Ethiopia’s National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Inventory saw Cosmos rolled out on 4,000 tablets across Ethiopia in its biggest deployment yet. The test of the platform and the logistics associated with the National WaSH Inventory (NWI) was carried out in Dire Dawa on 8-9 November 2014, […]


Dedicated web-management portal and database hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud: assign user roles and permission , design, manage and update surveys and data forms, add and remove devices as needed, view dashboards, export data and much more.


Integrate Power BI dashboards into your COSMOS web portal.

Describe your objects, results and analysis with powerful interactive charts for your visitors.


pricing plan

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“Our consultants were full of praise for the Cosmos app. They said it was most user friendly mobile survey software they have seen yet”

Toni Akinluyi, Senior M&E Advisor


"A big benefit of the Cosmos system is data security. Data collected about development is often sensitive, whether it concerns people's identities, behaviours, activities or locations, so it is crucial it does not fall into the wrong hands, not least because it’s often data about some of the globe’s most vulnerable people"

Andrew Whillas


"The system has strong quality assurance benefits including assuring our clients that the approved works at the targeted schools have been completed"

Andrew Whillas


“COSMOS does away with the need for paper-based surveys, reduced the risk of data being lost and cuts out the errors that can occur when the data is manually typed in from paper forms.”

Mike Brewin, Team Leader

“The best thing about COSMOS is that it enables us to remotely monitor our survey implementation in real time. By simply logging into the online COSMOS dashboard, we are able to view all completed and in-progress interviews by device, including their exact GPS locations and durations. This allows us to quickly and effectively respond to individual issues as they arise.”

Elias Pogany , Project Manager

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